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Free Video FPS Converter 0.0

Modify the Frames Per Second, width, and height of your video files
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If in need of increasing or reducing the FPS value (Frames Per Second, or frame rate) and the size of a video file in probably one of the simplest ways available, Free Video FPS Converter offers you an extremely easy-to-use one-window interface for you to perform such changes. This open-source development is a straightforward tool suitable for all users, regardless of their knowledge of video editing.

Designed for all types of users, all you need to know about your video files to make the most of this utility is their frame rate, width, and height. You also need to be sure about the new FPS and the new dimensions you want for your video, and feed that information into the program’s interface. One caveat, though – if you don’t want the output video to be converted into AVI, remember to specify the file extension when typing in the name of the resulting file.

Free Video FPS Converter offers you a few options to fine-tune the conversion process. You can opt to use the Key Frames only, adjust the frame rate to reduce flickering effects, to change the frame rate only if the new value is bigger than the one in the source file, and to keep or remove any existing audio stream. You can also launch the conversion in Debug Mode, if so desired. The conversion process itself is fairly slow, though the results are in most cases satisfactory. Though this small utility is usually one of the many features available in a number of free and commercial video editors and converters, I see no reason why those in need of changing but the frame rate of a given video shouldn’t have it on their desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • One-window interface
  • Allows you to remove the existing audio stream


  • Slow processing time
  • AVI is used as the default for unespecified output formats
  • Limited number of supported formats and frame rates
  • No batch support
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